Christmas presents for your sporting friends

Christmas presents

Yes, it is almost Christmas! That means cosiness, a decorated Christmas tree and, of course, presents. Do you have a sporty friend or athlete in the family? Then he/she will be very happy with these sporty Christmas presents.

Resistance bands

To make workouts heavier, you can use resistance bands. They are also useful for doing workouts at home. You put the elastic bands around your legs, so they provide resistance and you have to use your muscles more. A very nice gift for an athlete who wants to challenge himself more!

A sports mat

To capitalise on home sports, a sports mat is no luxury. This is also a good gift for sports enthusiasts who go to the gym. Gyms are often full and for hygiene reasons it is also nice to bring your own mat. With a sports mat, you can comfortably perform your exercises. Your sporty friend will really like such an accessory.

Protein powder

One product that many athletes use is protein powder. They will always appreciate an extra pack. Choose a nice flavour that suits the holidays, such as chocolate, salted caramel or cookies 'n cream. Of course, there are many more flavours to choose from. Check out the different protein powders and flavours in our webshop.

Health or fitness tracker

If you know your friend has a specific health goal, then a fitness tracker can be a great help. A health or fitness tracker allows you to measure certain body activities, such as calories burned, your heart rate, steps and much more. There are many variants so one of them will perfectly suit your friend's goals.

A water bottle

There are many athletes who bring a random plastic bottle to the gym. Maybe your friend is one of them. Gift him or her a quality, reusable water bottle. With us are some cool water bottles available with a beautiful design.

Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are super convenient while working out. No hassle with long wires or smartphones getting in the way. If you know your friend doesn't use wireless earphones yet, this is the perfect Christmas present for him/her.

Fitness gloves

While working out, it can be useful to wear gloves. They protect your hands and provide a firm grip. If you know an avid athlete, the person will really appreciate a pair of new fitness gloves. There are many different brands selling such gloves, so read reviews carefully to determine which one is of good quality.

What Christmas presents would you enjoy giving or receiving?