Stay in shape during lockdown with these home workout tips

home workout

On Monday night, we all found out that the Netherlands has to go into lockdown. This also means that gyms are closed until 19 January. Very annoying of course, but don't be sad; we have some tips that will ensure an effective home workout. Check it out!

Find workouts online

Not everyone enjoys doing home workouts, but right now we don't have much choice. YouTube has many workout videos for different levels. Type in what kind of workout you want to do and in no time you will have found a good home workout. In addition, you can also look for challenges. YouTubers like, Chloe Ting and Lilly Sabri, have some tough work-out challenges available for free.

Make a schedule

Make a weekly schedule of which home workout you will do and when. Also think about what those workouts will look like. Will you come up with your own exercises or choose a workout from YouTube? That way, you don't just do a few exercises and you have a bit more structure. When planning, you can also think of goals that challenge and motivate yourself, such as: 'In two weeks, I will be able to do this workout without breaks.'

Use accessories

To make home workouts a bit more challenging, you can use different work-out accessories order. For instance, resistance bands are very effective for training your legs and you can jump rope to build up fitness. Somewhat more expensive accessories are dumbells, but you can use them for countless exercises. You can order one or two sets of dumbells to add weight to your workouts.

Prepare well for your home workout

When you go to the gym, you prepare by putting on sports clothes, eating something with protein and do a warm-up. Do this even when exercising at home. It is very tempting to exercise in your home clothes and not prepare for your workout. Do try to do this so that you take home workouts as seriously as exercising in the gym. Good preparation is half the battle!

Do a home workout together

Are you used to working out with a friend? You still can! Meet via Zoom, Skype, Teams, or the like and exercise together. You can turn on the same video at the same time or make up your own workout together. This is very motivating and fun too!