Want more muscle mass? These supplements will help

muscle mass

Would you like to build more muscle mass? That doesn't usually happen very quickly. It may be useful to take certain supplements in addition to your diet to promote muscle growth. Here are a few important supplements for building muscle mass.

Eat enough protein

Proteins are very important for muscle growth and muscle recovery. When you exercise, your muscle fibres break down. Proteins then help your muscles recover after your workout. To develop more muscle mass, it is important that your muscles recover well. This allows you to exercise better and more often. You can find protein in your diet, but if you train a lot and heavily, it helps to take a supplement with it. You can do this by protein shakes to drink or protein powders add to your meals. That way, you get easy, enough protein.

More muscle mass through BCAA

Proteins are made up of different amino acids. Some of these are self-produced by your body, but some are not; namely, the so-called essential amino acids. BCAAs consist of the essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Together, these amino acids make up a large part of muscle protein and ensure protein synthesis. In short, they are important building blocks for your muscle tissue. BCAAs are found in the proteins from your diet, but you can also take supplements to supplement them. In our webshop, we offer vegan BCAA powders. Two of them are sold out, but the Vegan BCAA of The Protein Works is still in store!

Take magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral we get from our food, as our body does not make it itself. In addition, you can take it as a supplement. If you want to build muscle mass and train heavily, it is wise to do so. Athletes usually have an elevated magnesium requirement of 10% to 20%. Among other things, the mineral is important for your energy needs, cell and tissue production, and it helps develop more muscle mass. In short, magnesium keeps your muscles supple and strong.

Creatine for muscle mass

It has been proven several times that creatine can make a big contribution if you want to build muscle mass. This is because it boosts strength performance, allowing you to create more overload. Creatine is found in meat and fish, so if you are vegetarian or vegan, this supplement will work extra well for you. We do want to note that creatine can sometimes have side effects. If you're not sure whether it's wise for you to take creatine, check with your GP.