The 5 most common mistakes when bulking


When you go bulking for a period, you create an energy surplus to build as much muscle mass as possible. If you find that things are not going quite as you would have liked, we hope to help you. Here are the most common mistakes made while bulking.

You eat too many calories

While bulking, you eat more to build more muscle mass. Some people go wrong there and take in too many calories. In the beginning, it will ensure more muscle mass, but at some point those extra calories will be converted into fat and you don't want that. It is therefore recommended to eat 10 to 15 per cent more calories than your maintenance requirement.

You are eating too few calories 

You can also eat too little, because even though you don't want to gain too much fat, you need to create a calorie surplus. This can be difficult because you are afraid of gaining weight in fat, have too little appetite or simply don't have enough time to eat. Nevertheless, it is important to eat more calories than your maintenance requirement. This is essential if you want to build as much muscle mass as possible. As a solution, you can use the Vegan Mass Gainer of The Protein Works to still get enough calories.

You have too high a fat percentage

Sometimes, before bulking, it is wise to cut. This is recommended if your fat percentage is on the higher side. Otherwise, after bulking, you will have to lose not only the kilos of fat from your bulk, but also the remaining kilos you already had. The leaner you are at the beginning, the more muscle mass you can build up. As a man, do you have a fat percentage above 15% or as a woman above 22%? Then it might not be wise to bulk up.

You lack patience while bulking

Bulking takes time and you haven't done it in a few weeks. Give yourself a few months to create a working plan that ensures optimal muscle growth. Even if you have succeeded, you will have to be patient, because building muscle just doesn't happen that fast. Read all about the Building muscle with a vegan diet

You are overtraining

It makes sense to train a lot if you want to gain more muscle mass. Yet it is hugely important to take enough rest as well. After all, your muscles do not grow during training, but rather afterwards. If you don't rest, you will end up in a situation where your muscle tissue actually breaks down. So take enough rest between your workouts. Check out our 7 tips for best results in the gym

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