Can you build muscle with a vegan diet?

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There is a lot of confusion about how vegans can get 'fit'. 'Fit' as in building muscle. Surely that should be as obvious as athletes consuming animal products? Especially in the fitness industry, many think that meat is a crucial element for building muscle. Big nonsense, of course, because you can also build muscle on a plant-based diet. Actually: on a plant-based diet you can build just as much muscle as on a meat diet.

What supplements are recommended for muscle building?

There are a number of supplements that are recommended to take:

  • Vitamin B12. This is one of THE most important nutrients, especially if you have a plant-based diet.
  • Creatine, If you do strength training, creatine can be a real game changer.
  • Protein powder 
  • Vitamin D complex
  • DHA
  • D3
  • Calcium
Supplements should complement a good diet, so start by getting a good selection of whole foods.
Plenty of vitamins and minerals. Are essential for a healthy life. In our blog 7 tips for eating healthy read all about it!  
Training tips
There is no difference between being vegan or non-vegan - it doesn't mean you have to pick up the Fisher-Price weights. It just depends on what your goals are, taking it slow and letting your body adjust. Training frequency will always be provisional. Instead of throwing balls at the wall, training all the time, it is better to take it slow and train at 70-80 per cent. That's where you'll see the most gains - in the long run. One of the worst things you can do is programme hopping. The fact is that most programmes work as long as you follow them from start to finish. It is that process of completing something that allows you to see how something has actually worked. Also check out our blog with tips for a home workout! 
Find something you enjoy. Not everyone likes to lift weights. If you don't enjoy it, there's no point. Lots of people feel really intimidated when they go into the weights section - especially women - but it's about going in and knowing what to do. I started weight lifting last year and I researched everything before I went in. No one's looking at you - everyone's looking at themselves in the mirror! I found my confidence growing and it saved me from my eating disorder.


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