The 5 most common mistakes when losing weight

lose weight

Are you in the process of losing weight or looking to start? Then read on quickly, because there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding this topic. In this blog, we will cover the five most common mistakes made while losing weight.

You are following a crash diet

These days, we are bombarded with various crash diets. With this, we can tell you that they don't work. Yes, you lose a lot of weight in a short time, but that does not mean you actually lose fat. Most of your weight loss in the beginning is fluid and not fat. If you keep up a crash diet longer, you will also start losing muscle mass, and trust us, you don't want that. Muscle mass actually helps to burn calories. If you lose that, you will have to eat even fewer calories to keep losing weight. Maintaining such a diet for a long time is almost impossible. Eventually, you will stop dieting and start eating as before. The weight you have lost in the meantime will soon return. In short, a crash diet is an absolute no-go!

You eat too little protein while losing weight

Proteins (or protein) play a very important role in fat loss. Thus, proteins help in muscle growth and maintaining muscle mass. This is important because you don't want your body to get a lot of energy from your muscles. Furthermore, proteins keep you satiated and so you are less likely to feel hungry. It is not always easy to get enough protein, especially if you are losing or cutting weight and therefore eating less. Therefore, it may be wise to drink a protein shake daily, so you get enough protein. In our webshop, you will find different protein powders can be found with various flavours. On average, you need 0.8 grams of protein per kilo. For example, if you weigh 70 kilos, you should get about 56 grams of protein every day. The best tips for maximum fat burning read here! 

You underestimate your portions

If you want to lose weight, it is important to eat fewer calories than you burn. You do this, for example, by watching your meal portions. What we often underestimate is the amount of calories in our meals. You can easily eat dozens of calories too much without realising it. If that happens constantly, you won't lose weight. Online and through apps, you can quickly find how many calories are in your meal. It is therefore useful to look up how many calories you are eating often in the beginning, so that you don't underestimate your portion size. 

You think you can't eat well while losing weight

It is very common for people who want to lose weight to think that you can only eat boring, tasteless things; this is not the case. If you want to lose weight, you don't have to eat like a rabbit. Quite the opposite is true: there are lots of tasty, healthy meals and snacks out there. Think of a bowl of oatmeal with fruit or banana pancakes for breakfast. We recommend mixing a scoop of Blessed Protein powder into the oatmeal or batter for a tasty flavour and extra protein. Our stock will be restocked soon, so pre-order Get your favourite Blessed Protein flavour before it sells out again. Even though many healthy foods are delicious, we understand that you sometimes want something unhealthy. That is allowed! No, it is not our intention to go to the snack bar every day, but the occasional fries, pizza or burger is no problem. The idea is to develop a lifestyle that you can maintain throughout your life. Therefore, you need to find a balance between your favourite snacks and healthier meals.

You eat too many cheatmeals

Unlike the previous misconception, you may also be eating too many unhealthy snacks and meals. This is called cheatmeals: a meal or snack that is high in calories and does not normally fit into a diet. A cheatmeal every week generally doesn't do much harm. However, you can also go overboard and eat too many unhealthy things unnoticed. As a result, you will consume too many calories too often, which of course prevents you from losing weight. So keep track of how many cheatmeals you eat each week. Have you always hungry? Then check out all the tips in our blog!