Always hungry? Here are the causes

always hungry

Do you notice that you feel hungry (too) often throughout the day? Of course, this can be very annoying if you want to lose weight or keep it off. Feeling hungry can have different causes; sometimes you are just really hungry, but it can also be due to your diet, for instance. Read about the different causes here!

You eat too little

The first reason is obvious, but some people are often hungry simply because they do not eat enough. This may be because they have an active lifestyle, for example, where they exercise a lot every day. When you are moving a lot, you consume more energy. That energy needs to be replenished by food. If you eat too little on such days, it is normal to feel very hungry. In that case, it is important to eat enough and listen carefully to your body.

You are not eating enough protein

To your mind, you eat more than enough, but if you eat too little protein daily, you will not feel satiated. Protein stimulates the production of hormones that counteract your feeling of hunger. That is why it is important to eat enough of them, especially if you have an active lifestyle. You can get protein from your daily meals, but if that doesn't seem to be enough, you can also protein powders use. You can make tasty shakes from the powders or add them to your meals.

You eat a lot of processed products

After eating processed foods such as biscuits and white bread, you often feel even hungrier than before. This is because your blood sugar goes up quickly and then crashes again. So it is not surprising that you often suffer from feeling hungry when you eat a lot of processed food.

Eating from feelings 

You may also feel hungry because of a particular emotion. In fact, it is very common for people to eat more when they are bored, stressed, sad or on a social occasion. At such times, you are not necessarily hungry, but eating is more of a comfort or reward. Is this where your hunger pangs come from? Then try to distract yourself in those kinds of situations or look for an alternative reward or comfort.

Short night's rest does not help

For your hormones to work properly, you need enough sleep. This also applies to hormones that respond to your appetite, such as gherline and leptin. If you don't sleep enough, these hormones don't interact as well and you often have higher gherline levels. This hormone sends hunger signals, so a higher level of it will cause you to get more hunger signals than you actually need.