Here's how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays

healthy holidays

How are you doing with your fitness and health goals this month? Are you stuffing yourself with sweets and chocolate? Or are you still managing to maintain your normal lifestyle? It's certainly not easy this month, but we are here to help. With these tips, you won't deviate too much from your healthy lifestyle during the holidays.

Set achievable goals

It can be nice to set some specific goals. What do you want to do and not do in the coming weeks and what results do you want to achieve. Don't be too hard on yourself or think of too many goals. We recommend setting three achievable goals for yourself. For example: 'I will go to the gym three times a week.' Or: 'I'm going to drink two litres of water a day.' It doesn't have to be very complicated, but it will help you maintain good habits during this festive season.

Don't get too many snacks in the house

It is not at all a disaster, and in fact normal, to eat tasty (unhealthy) meals and snacks during the holidays. As a tip, we advise you not to buy too many snacks. People often have a tendency to buy too much food, which can take a week to finish. Try to estimate carefully how much food you really need, so that you don't end up with all kinds of treats the following days.

Find healthy alternatives during the holidays

These days, there is a healthier alternative for every snack or meal. Do some research and try the healthy alternatives of your favourite snacks during the holidays. For instance, there are many light products and foods with fewer calories or sugars. For example, try sweet potato from the oven instead of fries or drink a tasty protein shake instead of a milkshake. For even more healthy tips read our blog 7 tips for healthier eating

Do not eat less than normal during the day

If you know you are going to have an elaborate gourmet or other treat in the evening, try to follow your normal eating schedule during the day. Do not "save" your calories and eat less than usual. This will have the opposite effect and you will eat more in the evening than you need. Eat enough protein and try not to change your diet during the day. 

One meal does not ruin your entire diet

Finally, enjoy it! It's only Christmas and New Year once a year. You don't have to throw your whole eating schedule overboard, but being a little off-track is not a disaster. One salad won't make you lose weight, so an unhealthy meal won't make you gain instant weight either. Try not to feel guilty if you spend a day eating a bit more unhealthy than you would have liked. Tomorrow is another day to pick up your goals. Read directly how you can make your keep good resolutions. Happy holidays!