The benefits of magnesium for your health


Not everyone knows exactly what magnesium does or what it is good for. We can tell you in advance that the mineral has a lot of impact on your mental and physical health. Read all about what magnesium does for your health here. Did you know this?

Good for your muscles

Your body needs magnesium for bone and muscle formation. Magnesium allows your body to make proteins. Proteins are important for your muscles and building muscle mass. Because of this reason, it is often recommended to magnesium supplements to swallow if you are keen to build more muscle mass.

Magnesium helps against depression

A study, involving 8,800 people, found that magnesium helps against depression. It showed that the people who took in the least amount of the mineral were the most likely to suffer from depression. Another study showed that magnesium works as well as antidepressants.

Lowering stress levels

Not only does magnesium help against depression, but also against stress. If you take in enough of the mineral, it has a stress-reducing effect. It promotes brain elasticity, allowing you to handle stress better. When your brain functions better, you can think better and come up with solutions faster.

Increase your sports performance

Research has shown that you need 10 - 20 per cent more magnesium during exercise than when you are at rest. In addition, taking supplements increased your sports performance, as the mineral boosts energy production.

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